Visual identity for the exhibition Tipping Points at Svenskt Tenn September 8 - 21th 2019. 14 students from Beckmans College of Design were tasked with interpreting the Beijer Institute's research on tipping points in the ecological system. Made in collabration with Isabelle Sjö, Viktor Nilsson and Filip Kwang-Ho Svensson


As the theme of the students work was tipping points, we created an identity revolving around references to graphs of tipping points, visualizing different tipping trajectories and breaking points. This reflected everything from typography, graphics and color with trajectories that were responsively adapted to the different sizes and formats of the communication.

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FOLDER with information about the exhibition and the participants.
The folder was made so the trajectory of the tipping point continued across the different folds.

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VINYL artwork was made for Svenskt Tenn's display window, where we worked with its oval shape.


All the modules at the exhibition were painted in the same shade of grey as seen in the rest of the identity in order to create unity.