Identity for Beckmans College of Design annual Open House in collaboration with Lisa Åsberg, Sofia Hjortberg and Isabelle Sjö. Every year, Beckmans host an open day for aspiring applicants, where everyone is welcome to visit the school and talk to lecturers and students. Studying design can be frightening for many, because design schools are often very inaccessible and secluded. Because of this studying design is full of misconceptions and unanswered questions. Do you have to own a black turtle neck? Is everyone a hipster? Our goal with this campaign was to debunk the myths and misconcedptions of studying design. Especially for the first-time applicants.

Identity + Marketing

To counter-act the all the misconceptions, we foucsed on grounding the identity in a inclusive and welcoming visual language. We wanted to make the open day more digital, so that you could ask questions all year round and not be limited to one specific date. The lead us to Beckmans FAQ, a 24/7 online Open Day, where anyone could ask a question and get it answered by the school's students. More than 150+ questions were answered, questions that had been going unanswered for far too long. In the FAQ misconceptions are debunked, both silly ones and the ones that really discourage people from applying.

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POSTERS in format 70 x 100.
Orange for first year, lilac for the second year.

WEBSITE with entire FAQ Index.

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Leading up to the event we released short and quick interviews with students from every degree. Animations made by me.